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  • Forget Annual Leave: How to Take a ‘Workation’ in Bali, Thailand or Columbia

    Thanks to remote working, you can pack your laptop and keep earning money from anywhere in the world. These are the best cities to do it in A new year means a new start – and that means it could be time for you to take the plunge and try a “workation”. Because the rapid […]

  • The Bali Village with a Magic Trees

    The Bali Village with a Magic Trees

    Bali Aga villagers leave their dead to decay in the open air, below a magic, ancient tree that is said to stop the corpses from smelling. By Theodora Sutcliffe 29 June 2016 “My cousin is over there,” my guide Ketut Blen explained, pointing to a skull and bundle of clothing beneath a tatty palm and […]

  • Ubud: Inside Bali’s cultural epicenter

    Ubud: Inside Bali’s cultural epicenter

    (CNN) — The jewel of Indonesia, Bali has a reputation for its clifftop hotels and clear surf. But farther inland, the mystical temples and iconic rice paddies of Ubud provide a completely different Bali experience. Bali’s cultural capital since the 1930s, this highland town is a must-stop on any Indonesia itinerary. Ubud’s winning combo of food, […]

  • Bali’s best 5 hidden beaches

    Bali’s best 5 hidden beaches

    (CNN) — Bali is not short of beaches. Which is why visitors may be wondering: which Bali beach should I head for? Here are five Bali beaches that aren’t overrun with other people. 1. Balangan Beach Hang loose with Bali’s surf community at Balangan Beach. When the neighboring Dreamland beach got taken over by bulldozers and […]